Payag ni lolo iri

Farm Villa, Your Retreat Haven. Luxury within your Reach.
Looking for a Perfect Home Away From Home?
What about an “exclusive” accommodation? 🥰
Or maybe, an “exclusive” dining experience? Or maybe, an “exclusive” & intimate celebration of your special event?
Come and experience our humble “Payag Ni Lolo Iri”, a Private Farm Retreat Villa in Tanauan, Leyte Philippines.


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About Us

Our humble “Payag ni Lolo Iri”, a haven of serenity, simplicity, and relaxation.

These essential aspects for well being are what we proudly offer and guarantee our guests to experience in their visit or stay at our Farm-Retreat Villa.

The location, the ambiance, the food, the rooms, and all the amenities available all speak of the beauty and brand of service and accommodation only “”Payag ni Lolo Iri” can offer.
Some beautiful things, fresh ideas, and amazing places are born during difficult situations. 

In spite of the myriad restrictions due to the pandemic, “Payag ni Lolo Iri” insisted on its way in shaping its unique and exotic beauty into perfection. Yes, it has undergone a long painful journey like that of a caterpillar through its metamorphosis into an exquisite butterfly. 

Choose Payag ni Lolo Iri where peace and comfort awaits you!


Sometimes all you need to regain your sense and be recharged from the fatigue and harshness of busy-everyday life is a cozy nook where you can just lie and relax your tired muscles, rest your burn out mind, have a “me-time” or share hearty laughter and special loved ones and favorite people.



Fine Dining


and a lot more...


Have you considered an exclusive venue for your special event, with your loved ones in a paradise?😍

Hire our entire Villa that consists of two Filipino-themed bedrooms and each has its own suites, plus a Jacuzzi, an Open-Air Living & Dining Area, fully-furnished kitchen, and a beautiful landscape, perfect for Garden-Set Up  special occasions.


(Add on menus only. Must avail basic package first)

Feed your body as you feed your soul. “Payag ni Lolo Iri” offers a variety of native dishes that will surely satiate your Filipino palate with the assurance they pass your gastronomic standards. It’s our pleasure to cater to your food cravings and serve at the best we can.

special offers

Our experts are preparing a tailor-made presentation that caters to your needs and aspirations. We will then create a distinctive experience for you and your loved ones.


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