Situated at the heart of Barangay Sacme, a small, placid barangay just two kilometres away from the town proper of Tanauan, “Payag ni Lolo Iri” is daintily nestled amidst rice fields coated in gold especially during summer. It is nature nurtured, warmed by just the right amount of sun, protected by abundant shades of palm trees that line the plains, caressed by the playful, flirty fresh air, and lulled by the sweet songs of the birds. The place is literally a heaven.

Perfect for barrio-themed prenuptial photo shoots, garden wedding reception, birthdays, anniversaries, team building, and other public events, “Payag ni Lolo Iri” offers a wide open air space to accommodate  a large number of guests, from couple packages, circle of 6-22, and more for those who would like to experience glamping with their own tents.

We also have opened our restaurant- the “Kusina Ni Juanita” which is nestled at Payag Ni Lolo Iri -Private Farm Villa.

Also offers a wide open garden restaurant, which features authentically delectable Filipino cuisines with Filipino hospitality.

Enjoy the tranquil and serene atmosphere with its rustic Filipino interior (perfect for events & special celebrations), also available private “Kubo” Cottages for intimate dining experience either for couple or small groups…

“Kitchen is the heart of the home”. And I would say that a mother’s heart is best felt in the kitchen.

Our grandma Juanita,  the matriarch of the Molina’s family, made her dainty, but well-maintained “dirty kitchen” called “abuhan” her territory. She usually spends  the greater part of her waking hours everyday cooking for her little family and for the unexpected visitors and relatives who customarily drop by the house whenever they come to the poblacion for a reason or two.

She  always wears a proud smile as she lays her servings of native Filipino menus on the table, that never fail to satisfy the palates of those around the table. 

Oh, the mixed aroma of adobo, sinigang, and paksiw that whirls in the smoky air as she opens her pots. Such sight is a special cherished memory of my childhood.

Lola Juaning and her insatiable  passion and dedication to cooking delish native dishes has inspired me so greatly to construct a haven for the now growing family and for those who love Pinoy dishes, and I named it after her to glorify her legacy of  feeding people with good, hearty food that settles in the tummy but which soul resides in the heart. 

Kusina ni Juanita upholds this humble advocacy, of serving you with a heart.

Come, dine, and leave with a smile.

By the way…

We accept walk ins , but we prefer you pre-book your visit. 

You may available packages for:





or for groups, check our Pamilya or Barkadahan Package  good for 6-20 or more.

Also available Love Birds package with a special dining set up in a stand alone cottage/kubo price starts from P1990 only.

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M: +63 967411 4230

Location: Brgy. Sacme Tanauan, Leyte Philippines

It also offers the peace and quiet needed for private gatherings such as business meetings and small conferences, retreats, honeymoon, family affairs and romantic dates, or simply for individual retrospection and get-away.

For those who seek a much-needed break from the drag and haste of the city life or from a stressful routine, the place assures relaxation with a dip at the soothing spa pool, a luxurious aromatic bath, a relaxing massage, a quiet sit at the porch of a bahay kubo to enjoy the picturesque view of the field, and to savor the calming greenery and landscapes. At “Payag ni Lolo Iri” you can surely find peace within and experience communion with Mother Nature and with her Divine Creator.

Choose Payag ni Lolo Iri where peace and comfort awaits you!